Tearing Off The Tile Roof

Step 1. The start process of tearing off the roof is were all the fun begins. The image shows the team cleaning the roof deck. Preparing it for the base sheet.

Installing Base Sheet

Step 2. Once the roof debris has been cleaned. We need to cover the deck with 30 lbs base sheet and install flashing. This insure the water can’t penetrate the roof.

Installing Secondary Paper

Step 3. After passing the tin cap and in progress inspection are passed. We can install the secondary paper of Polyglass Polystick TU Plus which is a self-adhered paper.

Installing The Tile

Step 4. Once the the tile is delivered. We start the installation of the tile. We need a tile in-progress inspection to continue and finish the tile roof.

Finished Roof

Step 5. Once the tile has been installed. We need an engineer to do a uplift test for final inspection to pass and you a long lasting roof.

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