Our team is trained in Residential and Commercial flat roofs. We do not use hot tar. That smelly and danagous to adhere the papers. We use a oder free and no hot tar flat roof systems that last for years. We use the Polyglass Elastoflex flat roof membrane.

Tearing Off The Flat Roof

Step 1. The start process of tearing off the roof is were all the fun begins. We are installing straps to the trusses for the retro fit. Preparing it for the base sheet.

Installing Base Sheet


Step 2. Once the roof debris has been cleaned. We need to cover the wood deck with Polyglass Elastobase with tin caps. Install Polyglass Elastoflex SA V FR. This layer protects from water penetrating.

Finished Roof

Step 5. Installed the Polyglass SA P FR as the final layer for the flat roof.